sTeVe was formed in 1960 amongst the plasticized realm of Southern California. At the confluence of three great illusions – Disneyland (which he could see from his childhood home), Television, and the infant freeway system, as such, sTeVe is an imaginary and vast organization of one individual: sTeVe “Steven” Knauff who runs a live action Show which does not exist. Called The sTeVe Show, based in an imaginary place obscured by equally ephemeral clouds of mystic diffusion, sometimes called “Saticoy” - in California. As such, sTeVe is forever “DIRECT FROM SATICOY CALIFORNIA” as a preprogrammed entity designed for the vast creative cluster of equally diffuse individuals of Black Rock City Nevada (AKA Burning Man), a city which magically appears out of the dust as a temporary creation of itself and even more quickly disappears without a trace, as if it never existed.

sTeVe “Steven” Knauff has a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute (1988) and an MFA from UCLA in 1993. sTeVe also studied under various artists who have virtually no influence on his current art save one – the Great Ken Nack of Santa Barbara Community College who in 1979 – sent sTeVe on the path he is still on to this very day.


Back to the Moon!”

Multi-Media Installation


Art Life 25th Anniversary Show” Artist’s Union, Ventura California




sTeVe presents The Republican ReEducation Chamber”

Multi-media installation/performance

12’x8’ diameter circle

Artist’s Union Gallery, Ventura California, 2008

The sTeVe Show at Lucidity / TMSL: Mighty Zenith Performance Class”

Multi-media installation/performance


Santa Barbara California

2012 - 2018

The sTeVe Show at 5x5x5”

Multi-media Performance: Television sets, cardboard and wood props

Ventura California


The sTeVe show on the TMSL: Mighty Zenith Performance Class”

Multi-media/Performance Mutant Vehicle/1983 Ford Recreational Vehicle


Burning Man / Black Rock City Nevada