Steve Aguilar


Steve Aguilar

Video, Photography, Performance

Steve Aguilar is a multimedia artist, skilled in performance art, video production, photography, and music. He has been active in the Ventura avant-garde since the early ‘90’s. Whether he is behind the scenes or performing on stage, Steve has always supported other artists in the many productions he has been involved in throughout the years. His work in co-curating and video-documenting the Art Gulag series in Ventura’s early and mid-1990’s was instrumental in bringing avant-garde artists of various media to collaborate and showcase their artworks. Many of the artists showing in Bad Exhibition: Value in Art were featured in that Art Gulag series, as well as many other events and long-term projects that Aguilar filmed throughout Ventura County.

The artist believes in building a creative force within himself and using his life and the world around him as his canvas. His objective is to inspire creative expression and to continuously reinvent himself as a creative force. Aguilar also regularly performs at John M. White’s 5 x 5 x 5 performance art series as well as the Thursday E.P. Foster Topping Room Poetry Series, both loci of Ventura poetry and performance.


Title: Bobbie

Artist: Steve Aguilar

Medium: Film Print

Date: 2000

Model: gauvin

This is part of the Barbie series, which was created to talk about the wholesale of women by beauty standards. This is a photo of Bobbie, Barbie’s seldom talked about Brother.

Title: Flesh Patties

Artist: Steve Aguilar

Medium: Photography plus Photoshop

Date: 1995

Model: MB Hanrahan

This is part of Aguilar's Golden Calf Video. It is a photograph of a nude model hung upside-down at Art City combined with a photo of a Rams scull. These images were then manipulated in Photoshop. The idea was to depict how we use our superficial selves to sell on the social market.

Title: You Can’t Eat the Golden Calf

Artist: Steve Aguilar

Medium: Photography plus Photoshop

Date: 1995

Model: Steve Aguilar

This is part of the Golden Calf video. Aguilar used an old photograph of himself as a child, the eyes and nose are from a photograph of his cat Squeaker and the rest are parts of manipulated photographs.


Title: GrampRap

Videographer: Steve Aguilar

Second Camera: Austin Addison

Performers: Local Art Crowd

Date: 2015

Duration: 6 min

Title: ShyAnne

Performance Artist: ShyAnne

Videographer: Steve Aguilar

Date: 2016

Duration: 5 min


Title: Improvisational Piano

Duration: 3 min

Title: Life and Death

Duration: 3min

GAUVIN VIDEOS - Duration: 25 min

Title: Chose To Go

Performance Artist: gauvin

Videographer: Steve Aguilar

Location: Patagonia

Date: 1992