Paul Lindhard

Paul Lindhard 2017

Ventura-based Paul Lindhard has been an artist, sculptor, studio builder, producer and patron of the arts for over 50 years. He has dozens of monumental scale public and private installations throughout Western United States. Lindhard was awarded the Ventura Mayor’s Arts Award in the Arts Patron category in affirmation of a life practice devoted to cultivating talent and technique in not only stone sculptors, but also filmmakers, playwrights, poets, performance artists, painters, wood-carvers, photographers, and others working in found art, assemblage and multimedia.

"My forty-year career as a working sculptor has evolved from woodcarving and bronze casting into a reverence for and fascination with stone, my principal medium for the past twenty-five years. The work I do is an expression of an unspoken language that connects me to forgotten earthly origins, linking place and time through the permanence that emanates from stone. In expressing myself through sculpture, I use materials that are rare, exotic, and monumental in scale. Collecting from native landscapes and quarries all over the world has given me the opportunity to compose sculpted and natural elements with an authentic spirit, while preserving their original nature and enduring presence. In addition to the effects of eons of geological evolution, these ancient objects bear a textural scarring from the quarrying process. Exposed to the elements and subject to extensive handling, many of these stone edifices have rested in my various studios and yards for decades before re-emerging as individual pieces or being incorporated into dynamic ensemble works. Whether embraced by me as found objects or carved and composed, my pursuit of what epic sculpture means in our modern world is focused and enriched by this transformative and highly-personal process." ~Paul Lindhard

Sculpture Park

Sculpture Park




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