Paul Lindhard


Artist, sculptor, studio builder, producer and patron of the arts for 50 years, Paul Lindhard’s Art City Gallery and Studios spans 31 years of art history in Ventura, CA, USA. Lindhard has housed four galleries, and as well hosted and supported six other creative community assets, i.e. Ventura Artists Union and Arts Council galleries, including Momentum Gallery, City Hall Gallery & Collection, as well as the Ventura County Government Center Gallery .

The Art City/ Paul Lindhard stamp is focusing on completion of Ventura’s Western Gate, with a sculptural entrance piece consisting in multiple installations with intertwined connection to the historic Serra Conservancy. Also, and more recently, Lindhard has sculptural installations in Ventura’s new Botanical Gardens. Art City is actively working with the Museum of Ventura County in seeing through an outstanding public art commission. This artwork will engage Mission Park with the community at the Museum and Mission, completing a vital Downtown Ventura center. This is a legacy worth partnering on.

With these projects in the works, Lindhard has refitted the Art City Gallery and resumed showing the work of studio artists and community members as well as recent examples of his own sculptural artwork. A remarkable development is evolving with the creation of space for visual, performance, film, sound and light-projection art. This is a journey of making art, presenting art and attracting people to the experience created. The new gallery and outreach investment in Ventura arts has both solid foundation and momentum.

As Paul Lindhard says, “In my business, a stone business, you do not want to waste momentum. I am dynamically engaged with all of Ventura’s cultural assets as both an expert and serious partner. My commitment stands on real foundations.”

Lindhard was recently awarded the Ventura Mayor’s Arts Award in the Arts Patron category (November, 2017) in affirmation of a life practice devoted to cultivating talent and technique in not only stone sculptors, but also film makers, playwrights, poets, performance artists, painters, wood-carvers, photographers, and other artists working in found art, assemblage and multi-media.