Paul Lindhard

Paul Lindhard 2017

Paul Lindhard

Bronze & Stone Sculpture, Installation

Artist, sculptor, studio builder, producer and patron of the arts for 50 years, Paul Lindhard’s Art City Gallery and Studios spans 31 years of art history in Ventura, CA, USA. Lindhard has housed four galleries, and as well hosted and supported six other creative community assets, i.e. Ventura Artists Union and Arts Council galleries, including Momentum Gallery, City Hall Gallery & Collection, as well as the Ventura County Government Center Gallery. Lindhard was recently awarded the Ventura Mayor’s Arts Award in the Arts Patron category (November, 2017) in affirmation of a life practice devoted to cultivating talent and technique in not only stone sculptors, but also filmmakers, playwrights, poets, performance artists, painters, wood-carvers, photographers, and other artists working in found art, assemblage and multimedia. Lindhard’s personal artwork towers over the artist’s collective and public art practice, spanning through Bronze and Stone sculpture into multi-media assemblage and installation.


Focus on the Masters



Six-Sided Prayer Stone

Paul Lindhard, Six Sided Prayer Stone, 13" x 8" x 8.5",
Picasso Marble, Hardwood.

Shoku by master wood worker, John Charles Shippey

Five-Sided Prayer Stone

Paul Lindhard, Five Sided Prayer Stone,14" x 9" x 6", Canadian Marble, Hardwood.

Shoku and pedestal by master wood worker, John Charles Shippey.

Harbinger of the Pheonix

Paul Lindhard, Harbinger for the Phoenix, 51" x 27" x 24"; Bronze, Mojave Marble.