JoAnne Duby

JoAnne Duby is a seasoned sculptor with over 40 years of experience ranging from exquisite carving to instructing symposiums throughout the world. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, JoAnne attributes her influence in regards to form to her insatiable appreciation for nature’s environment. Duby’s studio is currently located at Art City Gallery and Studios in Ventura, California. Her passion for stone and carving is not only delightfully transmitted in her work, but through her unique ability to make ancient stone speak. Her focus remains on modern, abstract and contemporary art. In addition to teaching at her studio, JoAnne also performs restorations on damaged and weathered sculpture, as well as maintaining outside sculpture for collectors and museums. The artist also works largely with monumental works and work for bio gardens as well as cottage hospitals, creating dolphin fountains and carving whales and other fanciful beasts and organisms of earth, sea and land.

Wings of Change

Calcite/ granite, 26” x 17” x 6”, 2017, $3,200

Brazilian Fire

Basalt base, 23” x 14” x 8”, Marble with Basalt Base, 2016, $3,700


French Marbe, 20” x 10” x 10”, 2015, $3,400

Morning Star

Chlorite on Travertine, 26 “x 18” x 6”, 2002, $1,400.

Stormy Weather

Japanese alabaster, Black Belgium Marble, 2016, $1,300


Japanese Alabaster, 16” x 14” x16”, 2014, $1,400