Jay “Agnello” Dynomite

Jay “Agnello” Dynomite- the plagiarized alias draped over his name from those vexed by the itch to spin off that hilarious catch phrase from “Good Times”, is an independent artist and producer, bass-guitar progressionist, design project manager, music and film-score producer, screenwriter and novelist with 8 published fiction works sold world-wide- (Jay Agnello: Barnes&Noble/Amazon). He is also the co-owner with his Executive Producer of Brio Music Group, LLC.

Jay is originally from Salt Lake City, UT, and studied digital film and media at Broadview Entertainment Arts University 2015-2017, adding to his previous education in Graphic Design and Liberal Arts. Jay was set to complete mentorship at the Los Angeles Film School upon relocating but had bigger plans:
He discovered Art City in May of 2017 after meeting one of its original artists- David Oliver, and chose to remain in Ventura, being moved by the community’s, creative plutonium and depth, good energy and tenacious momentum.

He insisted that: ‘by filming and studying the original founder of Art City: Paul Lindhard, who orchestrated the movement of the artists and stone-yard for the completion of the Art City Art Gallery in weeks that lead to its opening in the summer of 2017, felt far more like a movie set than anything I was used to. It felt like it was more insightful and worthy of what would have been my Master’s Program in L.A. for film directing.’