Greg Kailian

Greg Kailian’s work tends to be abstract in form and conceptual in theme. He favors native California marbles and unconventional stones such as basalt, pipestone and onyx, with most works falling in the 200-1000 pound range. Depending on the design, Greg will also incorporate stained glass into his works in celebration of color and light. In more complex, compound pieces; bases and supporting stones become organic elements of  the entire sculpture,  engineered to rotate revealing different angular combinations of the base and component stones. The resulting sculpture enables the viewer to explore, discover, and enjoy a wide range of alignments and positions emphasizing varieties of line, texture, color, form and shadow.  A piece might develop a form inherent in the stone or emphasize and highlight unique colors, veins, and patterns to allow painting with the rock.

Prairie Dreams

Brucite marble (British Columbia), Minnesota Pipestone collar Kansas limestone fencepost, Washington State basalt base, 66” x 23”, 2003, $6,500


Minnesota pipestone, Utah Salt Lake lava, Persian travertine marble, Washington State basalt base, 2004, $4,000

Andesite Marble Figure

Andes Mountain Range Andesite, 31 5/8” x 23”, 2017, $4,375

I’mperfect Bowl

Utah Picasso marble, 9 1/4” x 10 1/2”, 2017, $1875

Autumn Leaves

Blenko Stained Glass dalles and distressed copper bands, 40” x 12”, 2013, $2,000