Eros Unbound

A juried fine art exhibition presented by the Ventura Artists' Union featuring playful and hypnotic cupid inspired works

February 14 - March 15, 2020

Be greeted by "Bad Kitty," a small, playful, strong-contrast painting by Imelda Chavira that will make you feel you've just been dealt three queens. On the back wall of the gallery a classical "Reclining Nude" by Lois Freeman-Fox gazes back at us in cheeky fashion from her colorful California canvas. Colette Deerman's collection of ceramics holds court in one corner of the gallery with genuine, earthy, enjoyable pieces formed and fired with a decidedly feminist flare. Artist Sue Karen Franco stops the show with her multiple assemblage works scattered around the gallery that carry the banner of the show's theme, "Eros Unbound". Exquisite textures lovingly combined with deft craftsmanship make these an easy must-have for art lovers. And don't miss Austin Raff's fun little acrylic suite "Rubber & Itch," which deserves high marks for strokes and symbolism served-up completely fresh. "Under My Umbrella" a sweet, demure, vertical acrylic by Lucinda Yates beckons with clear chiaroscuro for our speedy return to this beautiful show.


Colette Deerman


MB Hanrahan & Dina Pie