Chris Provenzano

Chris Provenzano’s journey as a sculptor began in commercial art, sculpting products for Disneyland and Universal Studios, until she was eventually seduced by colorful and exotic semi-precious stones, when she began sculpting them into sensuous female forms. Political issues drew the artist in, as she finds herself compelled to present the public with her interpretation in stone sculptures of current “hot-topic issues.”   9/11 had an immediate impact on her work.  In creating Totem to Difference, she communicated with the world that we could solve cultural differences in a peaceful way. Progressing from torsos to works of social content was a big leap, but it allowed the artist to find a new sense of purpose, as she felt empowered to broaden her repertoire, resulting in two larger scale works: Totem to the Sea (Cambria, CA), about endangered California Sea Otters; and public artwork commission, The Business of Bees, a commentary on colony collapse disorder commissioned by Ojai, CA.

Rincon Sunrise

Chris Provenzano, Rincon Sunrise, Calcite marble, Verde marble base, 22”x 19” x 10”, 2015, $2500.


Chris Provenzano, Fracula, Bronze with Flagstone base, 3’x 14” x 9”, $1,700.

Rhyolite Urn

Chris Provenzano, Rhyolite Urn, Rhyolite with Sandstone Base, 15” x 10” x 7”, 2016, $1,000.

Ancient Aztec Myth

Chris Provenzano, Ancient Aztec Myth, Italian Alabaster with Sandstone Base, 2’ x 11” x 4”, 2014, $2,500.

The Dreamer

Chris Provenzano, The Dreamer, Limestone with Marble Base, 20” x 14” x 18”, 2017, $4,000.