Bad Exhibition: Value in Art

Value in Art

Bad Exhibition: Value in Art

May 19-June 23, 2018

Opening Ceremony
May 19th 6-10 pm.

Red Carpet Moment from 6-7 pm
Sign an original MB Hanrahan mural
& Vogue for the Photographer!

Art City Gallery
197 Dubbers st.

4 Sichuan artists and 14 California artists showcase artworks culminating in decades of avant-garde creative practice in Southwest China and Southwest USA. Bad explores the inner darkness of aesthetic judgment.

Artists Talk

4 Sichuan artists & 4 California artists
Hosted at The Squire Foundation
Santa Barbara, CA, USA

While we may expect Chinese and US artists to agree on some shared values, we discover disagreement on values grounded in aesthetic ideals. These contrasting views, once discussed in detail, reveal Chinese artists relate differently to art than US counterparts. Whereas Chinese artists contextualize creative practice within socio-political and economic systems; US artists focus on individual expression, freedom from aesthetic norms, and innovation. What both Chinese and US artists bear in common, however, is a global burden. Trans-local art markets ‘inspire’ artists to brand expression, ‘scolding’ outliers for lack of commitment to singular artistic media or visual language.