Avant Garden


Referred to for the first five years of its development as Art City Stone Garden, this sculpture park was renamed Avant Garden in 2017, casting light upon the generations of Ventura's avant-garde since the mid-1980's. Art City in Ventura, established in 1983, is a think-tank for experimental sculpture, installation, multi-media, assemblage, painting, film, performance, poetry, and theater.

Avant Garden began as a presentation/installation of a collection of monumental granite boulders, two of which are intended for a giant scale installation.


(Excerpt from Lynne Okun: Historical Comment on Avant Garden 2017)

SK: When did you arrive on the scene and what has your role been in the garden?

Lynne Okun: 2012 for parties by dept.  2013 began organizing events.

SK: When did Jason Brock arrive on the scene and what has his role been?

LO: Around the same time!

SK: What is Avant Garden's role in the environment?

LO: It’s an experiment in organic collaboration and that in itself is good for the environment. Like Art City, everyone who plays a part is a part of the whole!  We've used the garden as an educational tool for summer camps, Ventura College students, and passersby.  We've attracted volunteers just by opening the gates and being there. We seem to attract people at the right time for the right reasons. It's a bit of a gathering of a wide range of people...environmental activists, poets, retirees, etc.  We've created a rotation of water-bearers who mindfully care for the plants during their weekly shifts.

SK: What are the next steps?

LO: hmmmmm....next steps... seems like we will continue to host creative and collaborative events, both educational and inspiring.  A place to relax, sit on a rock, dig in the dirt, "smell the flowers."