Art City Studios


Over thirty years in the making, Art City Studios (est. 1983) has evolved into a dynamic environment allowing artists to create in a supportive atmosphere. In 22 studio spaces, stone sculptors represent the bulk of Art City Studio artists, with a sprinkling of film makers, playwrights, poets, performance artists, painters, wood-carvers, photographers, and other artists working in found art, assemblage and multi-media. Studio artists produce about 30% of art associated with Art City, with outside community involvement, regional co-operations, and international dialogs generating a great deal of art work.

Founder Paul Lindhard had a vision of a place where sculptors could work together and sell their art. Art City Studios is the culmination of that vision, as well as a gateway to indigenous cosmopolitanism. Ideas appear simultaneously immediate and global.

Located in the West End of Ventura, in a cluster of art spaces along Ventura Avenue and Olive. Art City Gallery is on site, showing selected artworks and artists, holding 8 exhibitions per year. 5 of these are Ventura Artists Union exhibitions, featuring diverse artworks spanning many genre created in Southern California regional art ecologies.

Call to arrange for a personal or educational tour of Art City.
Open Wednesday thru Sunday 10 am to 5 pm, or by appointment.