Art City Gallery



The Art Gallery hosts curated exhibits and events. A community resource for culture and education, the gallery reflects Art City's reason for being: Art 24/7. The gallery supports collaboration, empowerment and no-holds barred exploration and implementation of ideas; from traditional gallery exhibits to poetry readings, performances, lectures, talks, and cinema. Additionally the gallery is home to four San Buenaventura Artists' Union exhibitions per year.

Art City Gallery, together here on Dubbers and Rex with Avant Garden and Under the Bed, cultivates community for the already strong creative community of Ventura, seeing city employees, patrons of the arts, and representatives from our thriving business community come together to enrich the value of art in our lives.

In light of this, we collaborate with Ventura community organizations, academic institutions and other public and private bodies throughout the yearly exhibition rotation. Our aim is to produce high quality exhibitions which give rise to intelligent and vital conversations between artists and their audiences. Art City Gallery shows a great deal of artwork by Art City Studios artists, while seeking to include regional, national and international artworks.

Art City Gallery regularly holds artist talks, lectures, film & video screening, performance art, solstice, equinox, theater and musical events.